Why a Foundation?

In the U.S. there are 6,500 school foundations in over 14,500 school districts. Most Stark County school districts have had foundations for decades. A small group of citizens is passionate about building a legacy for Jackson that perpetuates the excellence and provides educational promise beyond what the school district can provide.


The Jackson Local Schools Foundation

The Jackson Local Schools Foundation (JLSF) is an independent organization of local volunteers that works to promote educational achievement, encourage instructional innovation and create excitement about learning. The JLSF is a non-profit, charitable organization that seeks tax-deductible donations from citizens, businesses and organizations to further the excellence in Jackson Local Schools. The organization began out of the need for funds over and above what is provided through taxes.


Board of Directors

JLSF is managed by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Tracie Bailey

Katrina Barton

Mark Belgya

Paula Blangger

Susan Gardner

Chris Holding

Jennifer Jones

Jeff Moloney

Despina Paxos-Morgan

Marian Manns

Ruthanne Wilkof

Jim Williamson

Mark Wright